Joshua M. Hyman
PO Box 260818
Encino, Ca 91426
(818) 395-9319
Los Angeles, CA
Ph.D. Computer Science
December 2009
Los Angeles, CA
M.S. Computer Science
March 2008
Los Angeles, CA
B.S. Computer Science and Engineering
June 2005
Eta Kappa Nu Honors Society Member
GPA: 3.6
Fluent in: C, C++, and Python
Skilled in Linux/UNIX environments
An understanding of computer networking and large distributed systems
Work Experience
Los Angeles, CA
Principal Software Engineer
September 2004 - Present
Responsible for personal search infrastructure, which consists of several interacting distributed systems to safely (from a privacy perspective) crawl, index, and serve ACL'd content. Also responsible for natural language infrastructure, which consists of several interacting distributed systems to produce semantic interpretations for queries. I serve as the Technical Lead and Manager for a team of 30 engineers that interacts with several globally distributed remote teams.

Previously, I helped implement BigTable, distributed storage solution. Updated the build system to use cross compilers and a distcc based distributed build cluster. Built a distcc compile cluster and optimized distcc to handle concurrent compile jobs. Responsible for video search as well as parts of images search.
San Jose, CA
Extreme Blue Technical Intern
June 2004 - August 2004
Designed and implemented a Linux research project using Python. Presented this project to IBM Executives and Distinguished Engineers. Performed design and code reviews for other projects in the lab.
Universal City, CA
Software Engineering Intern
January 2004 - April 2004
Designed, developed, and deployed a security analysis and remediation tool to provide more restrictive windows share and NTFS permissions on Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers. Web interfaces were provided to server owners and the operations group to monitor the tools progress. Developed in ASP.NET and VB.NET with a MSSQL back end database.
Los Angeles, CA
Research Assistent
June 2003 - January 2004
Developed a license enforcement addition for a wireless networking optimized TCP stack by providing kernel modifications and a system daemon to authenticate against a remote license server; using C, Python, public key cryptography, and a MySQL backend on FreeBSD. Updated Super Scalar processor simulation to include power and temperature modeling; using C++ and Java on RedHat Linux.
Josh Hyman, Joel Ingram. Domain level clustering. US Patent 9,053,417, 2015
Josh Hyman, Dustin Boswell. Leasing prioritized tasks. US Patent 8,930,946, 2015
Josh Hyman. Imagers as Sensors: Using Natural Visible Light Images to Measure Natural Phenomena. Ph.D. Dissertation, 2009
Teresa Ko, Josh Hyman, Deborah Estrin, Stefano Soatto, Mark Hansen, Eric Graham. Embedded Imagers: Detecting, Localizing and Recognizing Object and Events in Natural Habitats. IEEE Proceedings on Emerging Sensor Network Applications, 2009
Josh Hyman, Mark Hansen, Eric Graham, Deborah Estrin. Estimating the Spectral Reflectance of Natural Imagery Using Color Image Features. ImageSense Workshop of SenSys, 2008
Josh Hyman, Dustin Boswell. "Storing and Leasing Units of Work", 2008 (patent pending)
Josh Hyman, Eric Graham, Mark Hansen, and Deborah Estrin. Imagers as sensors: Correlating plant CO2 uptake with digital visible-light imagery. Data Management in Sensor Networks workshop of VLDB, 2007
Sasank Reddy, Andrew Parker, Josh Hyman, Jeff Burke, Deborah Estrin, Mark Hansen. Image Browsing, Processing, and Clustering for Participatory Sensing: Lessons From a DietSense Prototype. Workshop on Embedded Networked Sensing, 2007
UCLA School of Engineering Dean's List
Eta Kappa Nu Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Honors Society
American Mensa Member
6th Place in ACM Regional Programming Competition
Top 10 score in Brainbench Certifications for C, C++, and Python
Other Interests
Playing sports such as Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Football, and Basketball
Local professional sports teams
National Scouting Organizations (became an Eagle Scout at age 15)
Activities: river kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and backpacking
References available upon request